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Default The 'Lucio Fulci Presents' films

A.K.A. films Fulci was involved with or those which featured his name as a sort of "selling point."

Films such as The Curse, The Red Monks, Hansel E Gretyl and Andrea Bianchi's Massacre.

These seem to be a lot harder to come by, at least here in the States, so I was wondering how many here had seen these films and what the general consensus was amongst you all?

To my knowledge, I only own a bootleg of Massacre and The Curse amongst these, so there's still quite a few left for me to acquire/view. I'm assuming most of these have an English dub, yet their worldwide release via any of the 'big" DVD companies has thus far eluded us as film collectors.

Do you think more companies should try and license these films for release, instead of bundling or re-releasing safer, sellable titles to the (admittedly unpredictable) market? Which ones would you like to see released by Shameless, Arrow, Synapse, Severin or Mondo Macabro?

Sound off! I'm anxious to hear some thoughts, and to view some collections!
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