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Originally Posted by Demdike View Post
It always seems like i go against everything Gothmog says but i don't really.

I've never thought Tomb of the Cybermen that great.

It has some great scenes - the Cybermen emerging, the Doctor chatting to Victoria, but as a whole i don't find it that satisfying. Possibly because it takes two of the four episodes before we see a Cyberman.

I loved the Target book as a kid and got caught up in the whole great lost Tomb of the Cybermen stories. Then when it turned up on vhs we discovered it wasn't anywhere near as good as the lost story hype suggested.

To those who weren't around at the time, it was like expecting to see Superman and all we got were the kids from Kick Ass.
Ah the target novel! I enjoyed that too! I got it with the DVD and enjoyed it as much as the actual episode...

The only thing I find hilariously bad about Tomb is... This. Go to 03:47. (sigh) Even by 60's standards thats pretty poor!

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