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One of most anticipated blu rays at the moment. LOVED it at the Frightfest, despite the overall negative reaction from the audience (shame on them!). It's quite a stunner of a film, a tad clunky, but has since been reedited from its abysmal frightfest screening and I gather the new edit works brilliantly. Still, I maintain the fact that it did so poorly at FF was not down to the film, but the fact it was put on at peak time, 9pm, to a boozed up Saturday night audience. Alan Jones let his love for the film get in the way of common sense as it would have been more suited to the discovery screen, like Amer; after all giallo is still a rather niche genre. And I'm sure it will have a cult following as it's a terrific psycho-sexual piece and a worthy modern giallo.

I emailed the production company a few months back and they said they'd let me know once they had news on a blu release, but I haven't heard anything. I'm not on facebook or Twitter, so not good at keeping on top of things. I rely on places like this for that.
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