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It was the closing film at this year's Fantasy Filmfest here in Hamburg and I watched it yesterday and really liked it, it as not perfect though as the director decided to use the shaky camera shit that seems to be so fashionable these days (for a way too long time by now!) - I really do not understand why the camera must shake as hell in a simple dialogue scene, makes no sense at all, just makes me doubt the film in general. I also hate it in action scenes, but at least there, you can make up a sense...

Apart from that, for ma all was done well, not much ado about any introduction, simple plot parts were spread out through the film as need be, good and effective shock moments, fair acting and good and variable killings (gory but mostly too shaky...)

I gave it 9/10 (but I am not so keen on ratings, as I do not see much use in it - so don't read too much into it
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