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Originally Posted by KPWNINJA View Post
I'm too currently playing Dead Space on PS3! Amazing game!!!
Not yet played the new Resident Evil so I can't compare but so far Dead Space has been the best survival horror game I've played since Silent Hill and Resident Hill 2 on the PS1.

Still playing a lot of LittleBigPlanet too. I advise anyone with a PS3 to get this game!

Besides those two I recently completed Fracture for PS3 (nice underated sci-fi shooter) and currently addicted to Zombies Vs Plants on PC!
I was real excited about Resident evil 5 and although it is a good game and looks great it just kinda felt like Tomb Raider(which I also like) but RE games were always good for an aul scare or two so I felt let down by this.
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