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I got my copy yesterday and watched it right away. But what a nuisance this film is!! It has nothing that is worth another go (at the moment).
It lacks all things why one would watch a sexploitation film, as there are hardly tits, no pussies; no sleaze altogether. The film is so desperately busy showing a 70ies-setting that it forgets story and supspense (as one can speak of it in any Russ-Mayer-like sexploitation-movie).
I mean there are films from the 60ies/70ies, in which girls wear bras and panties (as so in many Betty Page-films), but there are still some contents or scenes thar make the films special (sexy/sleazy) in any way.
But here there is nothing. All mildly interesting scenes were already in the trailer. I hoped the film would be something like Pervert!, but it was not. To me (at the moment) it was a complete waste of money.
Where The Nurse was a gem, Viva is just a big failure
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