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Originally Posted by nordicdusk View Post
What films are in the set ?
Its the French steelbook set containing:

LONE WOLF McQUADE (originally thought to be EYE FOR AN EYE and still listed as this in loads of places due to a mix up with the French translation of these film titles apparently!)

Originally Posted by nordicdusk View Post
When talking about CEX. When it was advertised here for jobs it said only nerds need apply. I taught thats great when i go in the staff will know what im looking for and so on. But it seems to me that they wanted people that just looked like typical nerds not people with the knowlage of nerds. Fat with a beard does not make you a nerd it just makes you fat with a beard. When i was buying my Dirty Harry Blu Ray set the guy was putting the films in backwards fingers all over the discs he had no idea who Dirty Harry was and he said Gozu was a Sweedish film
That's quite funny, the thing is most of them are kids that have no appreciation of older films, and haven't bothered or haven't got around to exploring the classics from the 70s and 80s (never mind what came before!). They just seem to like the modern stuff. Although saying that there's one guy in my local CEX who is a big horror fan, loves Fulci and Argento and 80s horror in general so he's always ok to talk to. I think he's the exception though.
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