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Im a senior Member at CodeMasters game site , so before here CM forum's was my 'home'.
I remember a mate from there was stuck at the start of JERICHO . It tells you to fire primary and secondary weapons then a cut scene plays, but it dosent tell you that your primary weapon had to be in 'full auto' and this guy spent hours of solid frustration till he looked at the site and seen the problem was widespread.
It was by chance that someone retraced their steps and posted the auto gun setting, as you've Single, 3 round burst and full auto.
The Codies forums are great for help as each game has its own forum and people are glad to help out.

If you approach JERICHO as a standard FPS it can be frustrating, but if you remember that each member has an archane abbilty, like pocession, blood ward etc, then the puzzles become quite logical, and the games QTE's are clearly marked and become easy with practice, but the auto shot thing was just needlessly frustrating and totally lacking logic.

Hope you enjoy JERICHO , its totally on rails, but it is great fun .
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