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Its worth it D, as your PS2 games library ,will be in most cases , compatible with the PS3, esp the 60GB Model.

New , they've dropped to 249 quid but you also get a BluRay player, SDVD Upscaler, an full Internet Web Browser, music 'thingy's' (hi tech jargon there, lol) as well as a Hi Def games machine, so 249 new is reasonable for everything that your buying into , plus you could also trade in PS2 and games and knock the price down further.
Another option is 'Pre Owned' for about 200 with warranty, again you could trade your PS2.

Not cheap I know, but the games are going for 2 x 30 quid, BluRay's are more established and industry supported, and with various offers on in 'Bundle form' , its a good time to get into a BluRay supported Hi Def format, or at least thinking about it , especially if you have a TV that is HD Ready.

The 360's another way to go that'll give yoy HD gaming and SDVD Upscaling, but no BluRay option, for 99 pre 'Owned' (GAME) though there are rumours that MS want to release a BluRay Disc Player ad on, but there's nothing solid.
Again, if its purley gaming , then the 360's a good enough option.

If its strictly games only though, you can buy an HD Converter for PS2 , from ARGOS, GAME, and most other game stores, its made by Datel i think.
The PS2 is a good machine that is still industry supported to an extent and well worth sticking to if your still having fun on it , cos at the end of the day its not BlueRay , Hi Def, or Web Browsers that we look for from our consoles, its fun games , and with the games library that the PS2 has , then theres plenty of fun to be got from the PS2 console yet.

I liked the warriors game, some great gangs featured in it.
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