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Originally Posted by Nosferatu@Cult Labs View Post
As you've seen Guns Ní Roses 20 times, you're obviously familiar with the routine. Are they always late getting on stage?

I saw them once and the boos were getting very loud because they were (I think) about 45 minutes late getting on stage, meaning the show ran over and people had to leave early in order to get the last train home.

Guns N Roses start no earlier than 10 they will play 2-3 hours dont bank on getting out much before 1am

i myself have been late for a Guns N Roses show from Drinking in the Bar outside venue missed the first 5 songs ha ha ha

Its a well know thing they play late and in my eyes your attending a Rock concert not a f'king play, but im biased as im a lifetime fan and can happily put up with the shit that goes with the band
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