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Late to the party with the GnR talk, but I saw them in Birmingham in 2006. Supported by Sebastian Bach (we got there just before he played "I Remember You") and Bullet For My Valentine (who my friend I went with really wanted to see. They were pants).
Anyway, Guns 'n Roses were onstage more or less on time (from what I recall) and Axl only left the stage a few times to get a bottle of water. Not the original line-up but they were absolutely amazing.

Heard so many bad things about them live that I've not made an effort to go again, as I enjoyed that '06 show so much I don't want to spoil the memory

Same goes for Meat Loaf, actually. Saw him in Birmingham last year and was just blown away. Was his "farewell" tour, though, so not expecting to be able to see him again.. I know bands that do farewell tours often come back, but considering he had to postpone half the shows due to ill health I can't see him doing it again. Plus he was genuinely welling up when he realised that one of his first UK shows was in Birmingham, and now he'd not be going back. There were more than a few thousand people tearing up during "For Crying Out Loud", too.
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