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Default Tom Elliot recorded his last episode of the TZ podcast.

I just listened to the latest episode of the TZ Podcast and at the end Tom Elliot announced he was handing the podcast over to another fellow Podcaster/TZ fan. Tom mentions that if he produced the show as he is it would go until he was 90 years old and im sure im not alone in saying 'That's just fine by us, good things are well worth waiting for and this is no exception'

Did anyone else listen to the podcast? i looked forward to every episode, i would listen to them at work when i had to sleep over and inevitably wouldn't get any sleep. Every episode was cared about by Tom as much as Rod cared about his work and quite honestly im gutted.

Thank you Tom for working on the podcast and delivering us a link to the past and once again extending the magic that was The Twilight Zone.
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