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Default The Hatchet franchise

Well to get it out of the way, I ****ing love all three of them. They all have their own strengths. Briefly summing them up...

Hatchet I was the funniest of the bunch and boasted likeable characters in the form of Joel David Moore and Deon Richmond. But the key strength that this film had was the gore. CGI? Get real! This is pure slasher horror at its best. Practical FX all the way! And it "feels" like its been taken out of time from the 80's. Basically that means its essentially plot-less and silly... But thats the charm of it. I love it. Victor Crowley is the bad ass slasher villain from modern times to equal Jason Voorhees.

Hatchet II is my personal favourite. I have lost count of how many times I have actually watched this. I've deliberately remembered the number for III (11), but if I had to estimate... At least 25. For the original I'd say just under 20. I am the Annie Wilkes fan of Hatchet haha! This one is not as funny but the story, darker tone, cast (Danielle Harris, Tom Holland, Tony Todd, R.A. Milhailof, John Carl Buechler, Kane Hodder, Parry Shenn, AJ Bowen, Ed Ackerman... Essentially loads who have appeared in so many horror movies) and kills are the main strengths here. Especially the kills... The final 20 minutes of Hatchet II are among the best moments in Slasher cinema ever! The double chainsaw kill, Tom Holland trying to save Danielle Harris from Tony Todd, Kane Hodder and R.A. Mihailof facing off, Kane ripping Tony out of his own skin after decapitating him in half... So epic!

Hatchet III I saw years later in 2013. I saw the first two at relatively the same time so the anticipation lasted for years and paid off. Its not as good as Hatchet II but its about on par with the original. Here we have more of an "Aliens" plot, with the authorities getting involved and obviously butchered. My favourite scene is where the SWAT team try to fight Crowley but fail, with Derek Mears getting his spine and skull ripped out. Hatchet II has the best kills, but displayed here are some great moments. The ending is flawless. I won't spoil it but it made me breathless and focused all the way. But I will mention Hatchet IV. Will it happen? Well this was Adam Greens (creator) personal story drawing to a close and he says another sequel is unlikely with his involvement. But he said you never know so I will live in hope...

Adam Green is a genius.

Enough with my thoughts though... What did you all think of this brilliant franchise?
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