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Now, finally got to watch Hatchet II. A few points...

- Why does it look cheaper than part 1. Isn't it supposed to be to other way around? While Part I looked like done for the cinema, Part 2 has a digital look that I don't like at all. Especially some scenes in the swamp look strange.
- the gore also doesn't look that good. What happened here? Even worst, pacing etc. isn't that good as well, which makes the effects scenes even look worse (of course, they are still 'okay').
- the storytelling feels off too.
- There are more shocks, but the lack of humor makes it much less entertaining. I have the feeling Greenes missinterpreted why the first one was so sucessful (I already noticed that listening to the audio commentary of Part 1 one, when he was like "Oh yeah, now we are gettin' serious" and I was like ", I actually just laughed my ass off").
- It's nice to have such a quality cast, but the movie really doesn't make use of that either.
- Least but not last, it's also a lot less sexy than Part 1, which had Mercedes McNab in it. The sex scene between the couple in the swamps is just lame and could have been executed much better (we actually saw that better almost two decades ago in Jason goes to Hell).

While I watched the first one three times in a row, I'll probably watch the bonus material of Hatchet II but then it will go to the 'archives'. Still an okay movie, btw, but okay just isn't enough compared to the great movie that part 1 was.
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