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Originally Posted by nosferatu42 View Post
Always prefered Cushing to Lee, Cushing always gives a fine performance whatever the material whereas Lee wouldn't even say the lines if they didn't agree with him, take the later Dracula films for example.
I like Lee and he's made some great films but he is a bit up himself.

My other absolute favourite is Boris Karloff, another actor who would always give a great performance.
Vincent Price is great but is sometimes a little too over the top.
Peter Lorre was great in M and Mad Love.

I love Donald Pleasance as well, great actor in general and should have done even more horror.
Lugosi had his moments too but kind of shot himself in the foot by doing so many bad films. Same with Lon chaney Jr.(lived under the shadow of his old man).

On the female front it's Barbara Steele all the way for me.
Have you seen the Comedy Of Terrors then? Lorre, Price and Karloff ham it up as undertakers.....

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