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The first two Black Metal albums i bought Darkthrones A Blaze In The Northern Sky and Under A Funeral Moon. I had saved up money from my first job to go to Dublin on the train to get these albums i had only heard about them and when i seen the covers i could not wait to get home to listen to them they almost jumped off the shelf with those amzing covers they looked so evil i had never seen anything like this before. The covers were not just for show what i would be listening to later that night just felt like pure evil i listened to both albums back to back over and over again everyday. They took me out of the comfort of my bedroom and i felt i was in the forest at night i could feel the cold breeze coming from the speakers and filling the room. The guitars were like the snow blowing over the mountains the vocals like the frozen winds and the drums like the echo of distant thunder. How was it possible for music to make me feel so many different emotions. Also these are two of the greatest album titles of all time both sinister and beautiful in equal measure.

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