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Originally Posted by JAMIOUSE View Post
A bit of interesting news Kino are releasing Bava's Planet of the Vampires on Blu and DVD in October. Presumably a HD master has been created so a future Arrow release possibly?

Mondo Digital also 'tease' Blood and Black Lace, they don't state it's coming but they 'tease' it or possibly it's just wishfull thinking. Whats the state of play with Black Lace do no elements exist for a remaster? Every DVD release seemed to have a terrible transfer, even the German DVD wasn't steller.
I heard scorpion were releasing planet of the vampires. Must be my mistake as kino would make more sense. I know i read it somewhere
As for blood and black lace. One can only hope the materials turn up. Best bet for b&bl is the vci 2 discer. Personally i find that one to be the best release
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