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Originally Posted by gag View Post
saw evilspeak when it was released nvr seen it since
Just finished watching it for 1st time since its reg 1 american uncut uncensored version
Im baffled why all the controversy there nothing in it a mere midge of a second or 2 blink and you miss it
Seen more gore etc in a tim burton film like sleepy hollow or musical version of sweeny todd
Evilspeak was a real problem film back then and ended up as an official Video Nasty. It was eventually released after Ferman lopped 3 mins out. Definitely pretty tame by today's standards.

The prints on the 2-disc ABUK release are both uncut though disc 2 features the 10 mins longer version (additional dialogue missing from the U.S print). Disc 2 also appears in the 2nd Box Of The Banned.
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