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Not seen them all but they're definitaly cult items so i'm jealous. i love watching weird stuff me.
Flesh for frankenstein is entertaining but i prefer blood for Dracula myself. Franco's Dracula is good in it's portrayal of Dracula but let down by a random attack of stuffed animals.
Delirium is sleazy giallo greatness.
Howling 2 is entertaining if your in the right mood, watch out for Sybil Danning she'll have your eye out.
Faceless is sort of enjoyable but has a terrible theme tune that is repeated over and over.
I've sort of lost track, but i do know i need to find out how to spell definitaly correctly.

MIKE: I've got it! Peter Cushing! We've got to drive a stake through his heart!
VYVYAN: Great! I'll get the car!
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