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I do this at another forum, this'll be the third year now. I genuinely look forward to it all year round, picking out what to save for it. This is the schedule for this year:

The People Under The Stairs | Bloody Homecoming | Donít Go To The Reunion | The Night Of The Hunter | House On Straw Hill | Savage Water | Death By Invitation | The Initiation Of Sarah | Are You In The House Alone? | Night Train To Terror | Nosferatu | Curse Of Chucky | Whatís The Matter With Helen? | The Vagrant | The Godsend | The Outing | The Fury | Spirits Of The Dead | Dolls | Varsity Blood | Rites Of Spring | Night Of The Comet | Night Of The Creeps | Dead Of Night | Body Bags | Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari | Prince Of Darkness | Nightmare | Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker | Creepshow | Halloween | Halloween II | Halloween H20 | Trick Or Treat

Although I've never quite stuck to my schedules yet. There's always something that drops through the door I want to watch asap, and I always put something fun on like Hocus Pocus early on, on a Halloween night. Thinking about The Monster Squad this year.
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