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I've been doing the same with a friend, we have started watching Anime every Wednesday.

Last night we finished off the last two episodes of Knights of Sidonia. I quite enjoyed it although I found it hard to care about the characters, I didn't feel like I knew enough back story to actually feel attached to them. Overall I thought it was good though, the whole idea of the enemies is really interesting, and I can't wait for the second season. There is so much still left unanswered.

Then we started on Space Dandy. Have you watched any of this Keirarts? It is great fun, I will definitely keep watching this.

Next Wednesday we are planning on making a night of it and watching all three Berserk Golden Age Ark movies back to back! I have loved Berserk ever since I imported the original series about 12 years ago, but my friend has never seen any of it or read any of the manga. Although the films aren't quite as in depth as the series I still thought they were a great addition and they should be a good entry to the series for my friend.
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