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Originally Posted by Michael Brooke View Post
The bottom line is: do you want quantity or quality? Quality takes time, costs money and requires subsidy from the high-profile likes of Withnail and The Burbs.

I'm currently overseeing Borowczyk's Dr Jekyll, one of the cultiest of all Euro titles (Udo Kier! Patrick Magee! Oodles of sex and violence!), and indeed one of the most frequently requested - but because we're going back to the original camera negative the whole process takes much, much longer than just requesting an existing HD master off the shelf (which in the case of this film doesn't exist anyway). It also costs a lot more.

Same with the extras - there's nothing ready-made, so everything has to be created from scratch, people have to be interviewed in multiple countries, you name it.

It's thrilling seeing it all come together, especially given that this title has only ever been available in VHS or sub-VHS quality for decades, but there's an obvious downside to all this perfectionism (although I suspect people can live with that when they see the end result).
Great post but let me disagree with you. With all due respect to Borowczyk and his films but to call The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne "one of the cultiest of all Euro titles"???
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