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Originally Posted by Antropophagus View Post
Great post but let me disagree with you. With all due respect to Borowczyk and his films but to call The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne "one of the cultiest of all Euro titles"???

Yes, absolutely. It's one of the most frequently requested titles that I can think of (and not just from Arrow), and when the trailer went up on the Indiegogo campaign, pledges shot through the roof - in a matter of days the total went from low to high five figures.

In fact, this one announcement had such a galvanising effect on the campaign that Arrow held back their "secret weapon" announcement - the one that was going to be revealed at a late stage to give things a last-minute boost. Which they didn't bother doing in the end (and they still haven't announced it, although I suspect it will go down very well indeed round these parts when they do) because Dr Jekyll had done all the heavy lifting already.

Which of course is why I've been given such a generous budget for restoration and extras: the demand is clearly there.
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