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I've now seen a staggering six films from 2014... {}

My high-light so far is definitely 'The Guest'. After being less than blown away by Wingard's previous film 'You're Next', I was expecting more of the same tripe with this one, but was left mightily impressed and entertained. Adored the '80s soundtrack too.

I also had a 2014 double-feature last night in the form of Leigh Janiak's debut feature 'Honeymoon'. It reminded me quite a bit of 'Lovely Molly', however this is a bit of a different animal (literally). I loved the use of sound design to establish mood and atmosphere in this and is one I'd certainly recommend that people check out.

The second entry of my double-feature consisted of 'Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead'. Disliking the original quite a bit, I went in cynical smile at the ready, but ended up enjoying it quite a bit more than I expected - I certainly found it to be an improvement over the first film. The comedy seemed more fluid with the horror/action sequences (it actually provided a few laugh out loud moments - the best of which was the CPR scene during the hospital escape) and the plot and characters were much more engaging for me in comparison with the first - no (or very little) CGI blood this time too. There were still parts that grated on me, but overall it was quite an enjoyable watch.
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