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Originally Posted by VeZius View Post
Sometimes when I order from Amazon US, it can take 2-3 months to arrive. Then sometimes they can come in a few days, even if it isn't being delivered by a special courier. It's a crazy world...
Originally Posted by nordicdusk View Post
I once got CDs from New Zealand two weeks faster than films I ordered off amazon uk so I would not worry yet.
Yeah, I've ordered from Amazon UK, Zavvi and The Hut countless times and this is the longest it's ever taken so that's what makes me worry. Although we did have a severe winter storm impact our east coast pretty severely a few weeks ago which is most likely the cause of the delay. They are also using a new carrier called Asendia where previously they always used Royal Mail.

Originally Posted by nordicdusk View Post
With getting Miike titles wonder if they will ever get Gozu or Visitor Q some of his crazier stuff like The Happiness Of ....
Visitor Q would be a very welcome addition. On another note, I emailed a suggestion to Arrow for Judgement Night (1993) which is with Universal so it could be a possibility for a dual territory release. I love the soundtrack to that film.
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