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I'm always a bit disappointed by clown-horror. It's been done to death, but, like other horror perennials such as dolls and mannequins, it still feels like the potential's there. 'Dead Clowns' is a really odd, really bad movie about zombie clowns. 'All Hallow's Eve' has some messed up gory clown action. '100 Tears' is also pretty heavy on clown-splatter. I guess the Gacy stuff still creeps me out. I remember a family heirloom from my childhood, which was basically this Victorian clown-doll with a messed up face partially enveloped by what looked like century-old chewing gum, and vaguely recall a strange event involving other kids in the neighbourhood being really upset by the doll and running around in the garden, crying... which reminds me, going back over to films, there's the enigma of that supressed Jerry Lewis movie, 'The Day The Clown Cried'.
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