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Originally Posted by profondo rosso View Post
I don't know about you Nordy but the cut scenes are becoming a pain for me. I just off loaded 1886 because I felt like a viewer not a participator. I don't mind an addition to the narrative but if I want to watch a film I will pop a movie on. What system do you have by the way. I have Sony genes and have had since PS2 before which I flitted between any system I could lay my hands on.
Yes i agree about more cut scenes than gameplay getting very annoying. Games need to stop trying to rival films and remain what they started out as games. Im all for a good deep story but it needs to run side by side with gameplay . I have PSP PS2 PS3 and PS4. I also have Xbox Xbox 360 and an Xbox One. I started collecting for Sega Megadrive and SNES awhile back but it can be an expensive hobby so ill just stick with whats easy to come by.
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