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Originally Posted by Nordicdusk View Post
I started playing Sleeping Dogs on PS4 over the weekend. When it was released originally on last gen consoles I avoided it for ages after it was labeled a GTA killer because no game can live up to hype like that. While waiting for GTA V to come out on it's original release on last gen also I taught I'd give Sleeping Dogs ago while I waited. I have to say I just could stand the game and quickly traded it in without giving it the chance it deserved I think the rapidly approaching release of GTAV was killing it for me.

So over a year or so after that It seemed only fair to revisit the game on the new gen and the reduced price off €11.99 was certainly a big ing licence on that decision. Right from the get go I have a different view of the game and straight away felt right at home with the city characters and mission layout. This is a top notch game with solid controls apart from the driving which is clunky and heavy reversing a bike feels like reversing a cargo ship. Playing as an undercover cop opens up the game a lot more with a bigger variety of missions. I'm only a few hours in at the minute and so far they have been some very fun enjoyable hours. Beating a guy yo death with a fish was a highlight

It's no GTA and it's unfair on the game to compare them and that's the fault of the gaming media painting all open world games with the GTA brush. We need to leave games be there own thing and enjoy them for what they are not the franchise they are not.

I actually enjoyed it a lot moe than I did GTA 4, for me more it had more likeable characters and story, not a patch on V.

but the Hand to hand fighting is far superior to GTA.

Hustle kings is free to download for the ps4
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