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Default 101 Films

Apologies if this is old ground - I'm not as regular a visitor as I once was - but 101 Films as you'll be aware are accelerating their Blu-ray output from the first week in May.

We're covering this in depth over at Zombie Hamster, but I'm intrigued as to what people are expecting with this line of releases? There seems to be a complete absence of an online buzz about what they're putting out.

The first action orientated title they're adding to the Cult Movie Collection is Black Eagle on 4/5, with Nemesis following the week after. Do we think the Nemesis Blu will be similar to the Platinum Cult edition?

How about the ones that follow through the end of May to June... A.W.O.L, Ironheart, Sabotage, Split Second, Mean Guns, Blast, Crazy Six. Anyone got these pre-ordered, or is there a general lack of excitement about this?
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