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Getting near to the end of the 'Easy Action' album now

Alice Cooper - Vocals
Neal Smith - Drums and Vocals
Dennis Dunaway - Bass and Vocals
Glen Buxton - Lead Guitar
Michael Bruce - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Piano and Organ

Track #7 is 'Refrigerator Heaven', and it's possibly the first song to feature the "sick" humour that Alice would become known for

Musically, again it's very reminiscent of the fuzztone sound used for the theme to the television show 'The Munsters'

'Refrigerator Heaven' appeared on a Straight Records sampler album called Zapped. On the sleeve under the listing for Side One - Track 6. Alice Cooper/Refrigerator Heaven, there is the following:

"Alice Cooper is a five-man group from Los Angeles, or maybe a four-woman-one-man group from Los Angeles, or maybe a five-woman group from Los Angeles. They get a bang, you see, out of playing off our confusion over their sexual alignment. Quite decidedly grotesque they are, but also visually stunning and quite impressive. According to the recent Newsweek article that spoke highly of them in relation to the dada-rock movement of which their sponsor, F. Zappa, is the founder, Alice was overjoyed early in the game to discover its ability to empty large clubs within minutes of coming on stage. Think about that, Will and Ariel.
David Briggs produced EASY ACTION, whence commeth "Refrigerator Heaven""

The title of this song would later be referenced in the song 'Cold Ethyl' from the 'Welcome To My Nightmare' album:

"If I live 'til ninety-seven
You'll still be waiting in refrigerator heaven"

07/09 - Refrigerator Heaven (Cooper, Bruce, Buxton, Dunaway, Smith.)


I'm freezing, I'm frozen, I'm icicle blue
(So low, low cool)
Cyber, neurotic, technicians imbue
(So low, low cool)
I've been admitted to Refrigerator Heaven
Until they discover the cure for cancer, I'm low
Refrigerator Heaven
So low, Refrigerator Heaven

I'm ice packed, I'm hand-stashed, I'm waiting for you
I'm older and younger, preserved in a tomb
I've been admitted to Refrigerator Heaven
I feel like I (told you a heart)
I won't get back 'till the sun sets down on the moon
Won't get back 'till m' sun sets down on the moon "

The penultimate track on the album is 'Beautiful Flyaway' which is a piano-led song.

Like 'Below Your Means', actually has guitarist Michael Bruce on vocals

08/09 - Laughing At Me (Cooper, Bruce, Buxton, Dunaway, Smith.)

"Beautiful flyaway
Somewhere like Holy Days
Wonder what brought me down to earth
Haven't I always been here
Let's have another nibble
Later I think I'll disappear into the bishop's mall
And take a look at what we offer
DDT poisoning me changing my relativity
What's it going to be

da da da da d-da
Later I think I'll disappear into another room
And take a look inside the till
Lovely days, human ways, journeys that take us to the end

Haven't we always been here
Sharing one love and one fear
Some day you'll know that life is really, really all about you
So come and look inside
You'll be surprised to find
Later I think I'll disappear into another womb
And take a look inside the mens' room
Haven't I given you everything that I could give
Where do you live
People try to put us down
Just because we get around

Golly, Gee! it's wrong to be so guilty
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