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Probably already mentioned in the 88Films thread (release date 8th June)... - Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies

"After Shane "The Franchise" Douglas accidentally kills a fellow wrestler in the ring, the deceased wrestler's brother Angus (Ashton Amherst) decides to take matters into his own hands by summoning an ancient demon to seek revenge. He's granted the power of necromancy and Angus wastes no time in tricking Shane and Rowdy Roddy Piper into traveling to a remote location by promising them money in return for a personal appearance. Once there, Shane and Roddy must fight their way through hordes of flesh-eating zombies and stop Angus before he takes his revenge any further."

From the world of wrestling, the film features:

Roddy Piper as Himself
Kurt Angle as Himself
Matt Hardy as Himself
Jim Duggan as Himself
Reby Sky as Herself
Shane Douglas as Himself
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