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Originally Posted by vipco View Post
Sorry, not WWE, but TNA news. After being dropped by Spike TV and the latest TNA reboot with new channel Destination America , its been leaked that Destination America will not be signing a new deal with TNA and plan to have all wrestling off the channel by September
When I read about that the first thing I thought was "remember this is TNA" they have some of the most daft 'works' in the wrestling business, Dixie being dragged by Hogan along the floor begging him to stay Bischoff being covered in s**t on his last day, AJ Styles getting a young girl pregnant(an actress who really was up the duff played the part, very,very badly) to try to turn him 'heel', and some say that Jeff Hardy being too stoned to wrestle Sting live on PPV tv was also a 'work' to get Hardy off tv as he faced possible prison(for real) for drug charges, the ratings for TNA are lower than hoped but this feels like a 'work' to get people interested and tune in to see the 'last' days of TNA so getting the ratings and viewing figures up, IMHO a network would cancel with immediate effect not wait and keep the show on-air for months.
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