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Originally Posted by bizarre_eye@Cult Labs View Post
I've highlighted all the ones I haven't seen above - if there are any in particular you'd think I'd like then let me know and I'll attempt to seek them out.

Letters to Juliet is just a charming film set in Verona and the surrounding countryside. Besides most people round here love films with Franco Nero and Fabio Testi in them.

Sint is one i'm almost stunned you haven't seen. Dutch director Dick Mass's take on the Saint Nicholas legend. Very gory and a lot of fun. You really need to watch it this coming Christmas.

The American starring George Clooney as a hit man hiding out in a small Italian village is a superb film. A lovely languid pace with gorgeous cinematography. Highly recommended. Paul@The Overlook also rates this very highly.

A Dangerous Method - David Cronenberg - need i say more?

My Week with Marilyn - Behind the scenes on the Prince and the Showgirl. kenneth Branagh is superb as Laurence Olivier.

Juan of the Dead and Kill Zombie! - Two terrific takes on the usual zombie outbreak stuff.

Mindflesh - A gloopy, gory, utterly bizarre, mind **** of a movie. A certain Mr. Teardrop recommended this.
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