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Yes suppose some of them could have been banned because the artwork.
After all some people would control what their kids watch, but couldnt stop them looking at gruesome covers, and that could be frightening for little kids.
Sometimes doesnt matter if the film was violent gory or not films like i spit where shocking for the era they where released. Full on rape scene and a man having his wedding tackle sliced of, But wouldnt be out of place if it was made for first time now.
Just strange now tho that films like that etc are just the norm in todays society. And people atitude and opinions are different eg some people (like me, sorry) think their no need for films like Gfotesque and a serbian film. Where others think their no big deal, and yet to me films like first Human centipede is what tcm was in its day. You find that so many people complained about it, and you find the ones who did probably did havent seen it they just dont like the sound of it, but if they took time out to watch them they find in terms of violence and gore there is practically none. The concept and idea are more disturbing than the actual film.
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