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So far I have...

Friday the 13th(remake) absolute bollox of a film but looks great!!
Friday the 13th 2. Cleaned up pretty good
Friday the 13th 3. Haven't watched it yet
HMV are selling the F13 2 and 3 for 9.99euro so I assume they would be less than a tenner sterling.
The Thing. Haven't watched it yet(my Halloween treat!)
My Bloody valentine(remake) Amazing Disc. 3D is the way to go on this, blew me away.
Diary of the dead. Haven't watched it yet.
Dawn of the dead(Arrow) Another amazing packed disc
Terminator 2(skynet edition) This really is worth getting...loads of stuff on it
Book of blood. Looks great but lack of any decent extras doesn't really warrant spending the extra 8 quid for.
Casino Royale. I'm not a Bond fan but picked this up pre owned and it a must to show off your hi def telly!
Tropic Thunder. Great disc, crystal clear
The Dark Knight. Another one that is flawless
Zac and Miri make a porno. Decent enough disc...picked it up pre owned, don't think I'd pay full price for it.
Bolt. The Disney Pixar type movies are amazing on Blu ray. Bolt comes with both BR and DVD and you can see the difference
Kung Fu Panda. One of the best picture quality disc'c out there
Pans Labyrinth. Worth 11euro of anyones money!
Hulk(ed norton) Gorgeous disc. A few parts in this I was left gobsmacked
This is Spinal Tap(up to 11 edition). Haven't watched this yet but any boxset that comes with so much and a working guitar amp that goes to 11 is worth getting.
Wolverine. Top quality disc with loads of extras and jaw dropping picture quality
Robocop. One of my fave movies. Picture quality is ok but nothing to shout about
Hancock. Great picture quality makes an average movie watchable..decent extras though to be fair
Some of my wife's choice..
Dirt Dancing. Cleaned up fairly well in some of the scenes. Loads of extras.
Mamma Mia. Picture quality on this is really good. It did pain me to watch this though.
Young Guns. Cleaned up ok but only worth getting if your a fan(my missus!)
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