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Originally Posted by Paul@TheOverlook View Post
Eraserhead - Criterion US
The Elephant Man - Studio Canal France, Italy, Germany or UK
Dune - Universal, US
Blue Velvet - MGM, US
Wild at Heart - Twilight Time, US (this is OOP though)
Twin Peaks (including FWWM) - Paramount UK or US
Lost Highway - Concorde, Germany
The Straight Story - Paramount, Japan
Mulholland Dr - Criterion, US
Inland Empire - Optimum, UK

I own all these (Italian Elephant Man and UK TP box) and I own the UK Lynch set (Eraserhead, Dune, Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart, TPFWWM, Lost Highway) as there's a fair few supplements unique to it (Lynch One, Dumbland, etc) but the transfers aren't definitive. I've yet to get the Criterion MD though.
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