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Default The Early Bird (1965)

The Early Bird (1965)
The older I get more I notice how life is soooooo different from when I was a kid, amazing to think there is a generation of people who think that's a CD player is old fashioned ,let alone would know what a record player is, And what about a MILKMAN,yes kiddies a man dressed all in white would creep around our houses in the early hours of the morning leaving bottles of his best gold top and his cream. Any how its a good job we have Norman Wisdom films ,there kind of cultural foot notes to a bygone time, he's abit like David Starkey but not as patronising. So for everyone who remembers what a milkman was can it back and enjoy Norman Wisdom as Norman Pitkin a clumsy but good hearted employee of Grimsdale's Dairy, but there in danger of being put out of business by a massive organisation called Consolidated Dairies, especially as there top milkman ,Bryan Pringle as Austin goes around smashing Grimsdales empty bottles on customers doorstep's. This could almost be seen as an anti capitalist themed movie, with its small independent firm being threatened by the giant conglomerate ,a real David and Goliath tale,Imagine an anti capitalist rally organised by Norman Wisdom. There some rather cool miniature model effects that's adds to all the action and chaos, like when Pipkin smashes his way thru a greenhouse on a lawn mower which concludes with a tree falling and smashing into a rolls royce,or when he drives a fire engine into a building and the whole side of Consolidated Dairies factory cracks and splinters.Edward Chapman as Mr. Thomas Grimsdale is sort of a Capt Mainwaring character, the straight man to Pipkins antics, although Chapman was also very good in School for Scoundrels as a nemesis to Ian Carmichael. Kind of film people like to watch on a Sunday afternoon , Although I watched it again Friday night so they can f**k off for a start, sunday afternoons is for dogging.Be that as it may this is the simple slapstick fun that are parents use to enjoy before the Carry on films took over,Simple times for simpler people.I loved it.

out of 5

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