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Default The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse (2005)

The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse 2005
Like a few other people on its release I was a little bit disappointed with Apocalypse, when your familiar with a tv series you love you tend to want more of the same thing, In hindsight the ideas and story were much better than I remembered. Having an alternative universe where Royston Vasey is slowly being destroyed because the creators of the tv show are going to cancel the series is a stroke of genius and the kind of thing they do in comic book universe all the time. The other noticeable difference is how cinematic the Roydon Vasey universe looks , obviously let loose from the tv budget restraints the effects and sets are on a much larger scale than previously been seen before on the tv series .Its really strange seeing the characters from the television series interact with the real world and the real town of Hadfield, its genuinely confusing and especially when they sit down and watch there own tv show is a real head f@&K.It makes you wonder why someone has not done this before (if they have I haven't seen it) Some of the characters even realise that there two strange to mix with the real world. By accident Herr Lipp, Hilary Briss and Geoff Tipps are inadvertently chosen to travel to London and stop the real actors fron destroying the fantasy world of Royston Vasey .This is the first time ive re-it in quite awhile and I think time has been good to this film , its definitely improved over time,its not perfect but itys got so many good ideas running through the film. Having the actors play themselves, and then have one of the characters then pretend to be one of the real life actors is pure Twilight Zone.Im big LOG fan so and this film has definitely grown on me over the years. And any film with David Warner in it,well it has to be good.

out of 5
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