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Default Steptoe and Son (1972)

Steptoe and Son (film)1972
I'm as guilty as the next person for over using the words, genius and classic, but when it comes to the script writing of Ray Galton and Alan Simpson then I think its more than justified. Whether its Hancock's Half Hour or Steptoe and Son the duo have created some of the best written British comedy ever made. The characters they have created are so believable and the writing is so poignant yet funny at the same time. Harold's constant striving to better himself and Albert trying to thwart him at every opportunity pretty much touches everything we all go through in live. Although my old dad never had bath in the kitchen sink, but give it time. Problem with tv shows being translated to films, is that every bodys default position is that it will never be as good as the original tv show. This of course is total bollocks , while never actually equalling the shows the films in general are well written and well made,Likely Lads, Porridge, Dad Army (1971 version) and On the Buses films are all very funny and all add to the wonderful universe that these shows live in.Wilfrid Brambell and Harry H. Corbett are just perfect in there roles, although as we al know stereotyping pretty much killed there careers after Steptoe finished, Its amazing to think that Harry H. Corbett was considered to be a British Marlon Brando and a classic actor to boot. The film itself is about Harold falling in love and marrying a stripper Carolyn Seymour as Zita .After a rather diabolical honeymoon in which Albert insists on coming then gets food poisoning, and has to be escorted home by Harold, leaving Zita behind with a lecherous tour guide. The break up of the marriage and subsequent finding out that Harold is a father is equally funny and touching the sense of loss ,and betrayal just proves how good and clever Galton and Simpson's writing is.
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