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Default Laughing Gravy (1931)

Laughing Gravy (1931)
As landlord goes Charlie Hall in Laughing Gravy has to put up with quite a lot,his two tenants are either hiccupping, barking like a dog or dropping bricks on his head while trying to get down his chimney. On top of all that they may be trying to smuggle a dog into there room .In fact Laughing Gravy can't get any sleep either , mainly because Stan's snoring keeps waking him up , Gravy is eventually discovered by Hall and is thrown unceremoniously into the cold and snow. Mr Hardy goes and retrieves the dog only for Mr Laurel to leave him outside in the snow instead.What I love about this film is the snow and ice is all fake,but for some reason in the confines of there world it looks more realistic than it should, for example when Mr Hardy falls into the barrel of icy cold water its not the ice that tells us its freezing but Hardy's shivering, and for some reason being in a barrel makes it seem even more colder, (whatever happened to wooden barrels),For some reason chimneys always seem to make an appearance as well,when Gravy is shoved up the chimney ( can dogs climb chimneys) Mr Laurel is sent up there to get the dog down again, only by now the dog has managed to get on the roof??? This then gives the opportunity for bricks to be dropped on peoples heads and toe's. Nobody does pain like Oliver Hardy,in reality there foam bricks and rubber objects that get launched at his head, but by sheer power of that thing they call acting you'd think they were the real McCoy.Cute little mongrels, fake snow,a horrible landlord, poverty and falling masonry aren't these the things we all face on a daily basis,I know I do.Stand out scene, when Olly says well take a bath,Stan says what about Laughing gravy,Olly replies we will wash him first,the look on Stan's face is one of confusion, obviously Olly loves the dog more than he loves Stan.

out of 5
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