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Originally Posted by Gold6082 View Post
ALL Anthology films I know of below. I've put a "*" next to those I enjoyed most and a "X" next to ones I found Abysmal for your easy reference. Those with neither mark are deemed as good or with some merit.

Tales from the crypt (1972) *

Tales from the Crypt (1989) first 3 episodes of season 1 merged into a feature

Vault of Horror *

The House That Dripped Blood

From Beyond The Grave

Dr Terror's House Of Horrors

Torture Garden

Asylum (1972)

Gallery of Horrors X

Black Sabbath

Body Bags *

Necronomicon *

The Telling

Cradle of Fear X

Two Evil Eyes *

Tales Of Terror

Twice Told Tales

Dead of Night (1945) *

House of The Dead (1978) X

Hood Of Horror

House on Terror Tract / Terror Tract

All Hallows Eve

All Hallows eve II

The Abc's Of Death

The Abc's Of Death II



V/H/S Viral X


Creepshow II *

Creepshow III X

Trilogy Of Terror

Trilogy of Terror II X

Quicksilver Highway

Tales From The Darkside The Movie *

Trick R Treat *

The Monster Club

Tales That Witness Madness

Campfire Tales (1991) X

Campfire Tales (1997) X

The Uncanny X

Night Train to Terror X

Screams of a Winter Night

The Theater Bizarre X

Chlling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear

After Midnight

Nightmares (1983)

Dead of Night (1978)

Little Deaths

Faust 2.0

The Offspring / From a Whisper to a Scream

Chillers (1987) X

Deadrime Stories (1986)

Deadtime Stories (Vol 1) (2009)

Deadtime Stories (Vol 2 ) (2011)

Bloodbath (1976) X

Kwaidan * (Jap)

Phobia (Thai)

Phobia II (Thai)

Spirits of The Dead (1968)

Encounter With The Unknown

Twilight Zone - The Movie

Cat's Eye

Rock- a- Die Baby


Grim Prairie Tales

The Willies X

Twisted Tales

Three/ Three Extremes (Jap)

Three/Three Extremes II

The Three Faces of Fear

Tears of Kali (German)

Trapped Ashes X


Rampo Noir

Tales from the crapper X

Barrio Tales

Thank you

Give me someting to work on a nice long list.
I started of with vaults of terror was on horror channel last night.
Have seen before but quite some time ago

5 short stories being told by 5men who dont really realise they are dead

And think its just some reoccurring dream

First story

earie going on in a small village and bloke kills his sister for her her inheritance. Only for her to come back and kill him
Very atmospheric and earie

The 2nd story of a clean freak who has probably has ocd to extent drives his wife bonkers and she kills him, bit that anoyyed me tho was how films over exagerate how clumsy ppl can be where when her husband was due home and she was creating a mess.
But his neatness remind me a bit of my ex wife.
While she wasnt a bad or as moody etc she was a clean freak and always felt how house was untidy no matter how clean it was.
But not to the degree where everything was catalouged in the cupboards or how each screw etc was sorted out.
She just liked house to look spotless and wasnt keen on ppl leaving things around eg if you put youre wallet or phone and left it on table.
But she never got annoyed or angry.
But it also a story of how one persons obsession can annoy and grind someone down to extent they can flip.

3rd story of a magician who will go to any length to get his next trick and expose ppl for the fraud they are.
Only to pick on one bloke and his partner and regrets it.
Where she shows him her rope trick and he kills her to get it only for the tables to turn.

4th 3 ppl try a insurance scam and pretend to kill of one of them.
Only for the gravedigger to get a shock and kill him

5th tom baker as painter gets revenge on 3ppl who conned him

Over all a entertaining watch and one you could watch now and again if you havent seen it for some time.
Good old days of when films where films and relied on good story and atmosphere and not plenty of violence, gore, cgi, and sick shock controversial tactics.
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