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Official Announcement Shameless Announcement: THE CHURCH

Last Monday, we announced that Shameless will be releasing the excellent cult horror, THE SECT on both DVD and Yellow-Ray. Well, the wait is over to reveal the new title and I'm sure you're going to LOVE this news...

Coming soon to Shameless Blu-ray & DVD!

Written and Produced by the horror-maestro Dario Argento

Prepare yourself for stunning visuals in the atmospheric and gasp-inducing cult horror Dario Argento's protégé and assistant Michele Soavi (the director of Shameless' CEMETERY MAN aka DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE).

The Church is coming soon! Featuring music from Keith Emerson and Goblin and starring Hugh Quarshie (Highlander, Nightbreed) as well as Barbara Cupisti (Dellamorte Dellamore, Stagefright, Opera)

Shameless will present the brand new complete, restored and remastered version from the 2k materials version in original English (as well as Italian with new English subs). This upcoming Shameless release will be the 1st Blu-ray release of the film in UK and is practically unreleased anywhere else in the world!

Shameless synopsis:

In the dark ages, Knights massacre a village of supposed "witches" and build a gigantic Church over their mass grave. In present times the church's new librarian (Tomas Arana 'Gladiator, 'Bourne') breaks the seal of the crypt, releasing the evil spirits beneath it. The church's ancient automated mechanisms - installed by the church builders - are triggered, trapping everyone inside. And at the mercy of all the buried demons!

More details will be announced very shortly, including the brand new artwork. No release date has been confirmed just yet, but The Church is also currently planned for a spring release along with The Sect complete with an exclusive new interview with the director.


So, who's looking forward to bringing some crazy demons to their Shameless collection!

Let us know your thoughts below and help support Shameless. Spread the word - THE CHURCH is coming!

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