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The Sect for me too - purely due to its scarcity on DVD worldwide and the fact that the UK is getting a lovely HD release!

Top Sensation whilst really good has a fabulous euro-release already courtesy of Camera Obscura, although it will be great to see it on UK shelves and for the doubters whilst it does sit towards the erotic end of the Italian spectrum there are some thrills in amongst the T&A too. It's certainly comparable to other 'bikini thrillers' such as Interrabang and the Sex of Angels and is probably one of the more well-rounded films from the sub-genre mainly due to the sterling cast.

The Church is probably the most well-known and currently easily obtainable of the three, so whilst not as 'exciting' as the other two announcements it is the 'best' film of the three in my opinion and again it will be great to see a HD release of this one.

Very difficult to choose just one though!
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