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Default Deadite Does Thriller

So, I was excited to get this complete Thriller box set that i'd heard a lot about but never to my recollection seen. I've decided that i'm going to post potted reviews of every episode as i watch them. I'll try to steer clear of spoilers as it's a 'twist in the tail' kind of series, but will opine on the contents of the episode as much as possible within that self-imposed restriction.

But where to start? Well, I decided to do a little research online and managed to find an episode guide. Trawling through that I found an episode that includes the legendary Bob Holness! So, that's where i'm starting.

I doubt whether i'll manage more than 2 or 3 episode reviews a week (maybe less than that on occasion) so the thread might well be a slow burner.


Episode 2.04 One Deadly Owner

Main Cast: Donna Mills (Helen Cook), Jeremy Brett (Peter Tower), Robert Morris (Freddie Green), Laurence Payne (John Lacey), Eric Lander (Hans), Michael Beint (Hawkins), Bob Holness (Announcer).

I decided to start my viewing of the Thriller series with this episode because I noticed Bob Holness in the credits! Being an old fan of Blockbuster I had to start with this episode, even if it is only voice-work by him. Anyhoo, to the episode.

Donna Mills plays the fashion model Helen Cook who as the episode starts buys, on impulse, a white Rolls Royce that seems to have bewitched her for some time. As time progresses she becomes convinced that the car is haunted (much to the derision of her photographer friend, a very young looking Jeremy Brett, pre Sherlock Holmes). What follows is some amateur detective work as Helen tries to make sense of the predicament she finds herself in, with aid from several other characters (or is it aid?) before a denouement that, in truth, I called within the first 10 minutes of the programme.

This episode is faintly ludicrous to begin with, but if you manage to suspend your disbelief you can enjoy the ride as I did (see what I did there?). This is no more than an average thriller in my opinion, so I mark it as neither remarkable, nor risible. The acting is perfectly adequate throughout - Eric Lander as Hans is particularly good as a rather stereo-typically brash German agent and seeing Jeremy Brett's costume changes throughout the show is also amusing. Fashion victim! My only disappointment being that Bob Holness only 'appears' as a radio announcer! Then again, radio is where he first rose to prominence – he was a radio James Bond dontcha know!

2 out of 5.

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