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Default 5 Card Stud (1968)

5 Card Stud (1968)

Dean Martin as Van Morgan is playing poker when one of the other players is accused of cheating by Roddy McDowall as Nick Evers,in the melee that follows the gambler is hanged and Morgan is knocked unconscious trying to stop the lynching. Morgan leaves the town of Rincon but eventually returns when he hears the rest of the men at the poker table are being killed off. Henry Hathaway who is no stranger to westerns,The Sons of Katie Elder (1965),Nevada Smith (1966) and True Grit (1969) and not to mention one of the best noirs of that era Kiss of Death (1947). It has to be said that 5 Card Stud (1968) is a slightly odd mixture of your traditional western mixed with a murder mystery angle. When Robert Mitchum as The Rev. Jonathan Rudd arrives in to town as the new preacher,you are kind of reminded of his role as Reverend Harry Powell in Charles Laughton's classic The Night of the Hunter,you kind of get the impression that this preacher has more than god on his mind.As the poker players are slowly killed off ,nothing to graphic here,except for the poor fellow who is tied to a post with barbed wire,which seems almost out of place for a western and more intone with a mid 80's horror film.5 card Stud is a genuine oddity,it has a great cast ,Dean Martin who may not be worlds best actor,but is so likeable and cool that he can pretty much getaway with anything.There's also an early screen appearance from Yaphet Kotto as Little George,the local bartender.And of course Robert Mitchum always gives value for money,especially if your in need of god fearing preacher type. 5 Card Stud is a hard film to categorise,if it had been directed by an Italian director the film would of turned into some sort of western giallo,a definite oddity but worthwhile watch.
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