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Default Heads up people - The upcoming television programme thread

Although there is a thread on the forum for what shows you have seen on television, there is not a specific thread giving notice of any shows that are upcoming

Hopefully, this will be that thread, so use it to note anything you see advertised as 'coming soon' or being noted in listings magazines etc

To start with, the complete BBC4 schedule for Friday 23rd September - Sunday 26th September could be interesting. The entire weekend is being given over to Keef Richards from The Rolling Stones

The main broadcast, spread out over 15 episodes throughout the weekend, is 'Keef Richards Lost Weekend' - "The veteran rocker takes over BBC Four for three nights of dusk to dawn programming, in a pirate broadcast. Replacing the usual channel programming practice or convention, he airs his world views, life philosophy and survival strategies as well as all things nocturnal."

In addition to that, there are documentaries about Richards, Johnny Cash and London (directed by Julien Temple: "Chronicling a century of the capital's history, Julien Temple's rousing documentary makes exceptional use of a dazzling range of archive material to capture the personality of London and the changing face of the people who have shaped its destiny over the past 100 years. Opening with the recollections of 106-year-old Hackney resident Hetty Bower, the film celebrates the indomitability of the city's multifarious citizens, who have managed to keep calm and carry on in the face of sieges, rallies, wars and riots, as well as seismic social, political and cultural transformations. The clips from pioneering film-makers such as Harry B Parkinson and the members of the British documentary movement are aptly chosen and amusingly counterpointed by a splendid soundtrack. Temple also devotes plenty of time to insights from the likes of Tony Benn, Michael Horovitz, Ray Davies and Suggs. He might have given ordinary folk more of a say, but that's a minor criticism of this witty, trenchant and utterly compelling film.")

There are also screenings of some of his favourite films - 'The 39 Steps' (1935), 'The Girl Can't Help It', 'The Sorcerers', 'The Bicycle Thieves', ' I Walked With A Zombie', 'The Man Who Would Be King', 'Pandaemonium' and 'Build My Gallows High'
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