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Originally Posted by Justin101 View Post
I'm really excited about Class because it's written and created by Patrick Ness who is an author I like to read. I know it's in the Whovian 'verse but hopefully that wont exclude people who aren't fans.
From reading other forums it's not exactly a popular idea among fans.

The fact the Doctor is in the first episode sort of ranks it above Torchwood in the Who stakes.

Just in case you weren't aware Torchwood was a spin off which ran for four series and focused on John Barrowman's Captain Jack character. It was an adult show with sex, swearing and strong gore at times. Although Jack appeared in Doctor Who, the Doctor never appeared in Torchwood - there is a difference.

According to the press release, Class features sexual relationships between the students and has an adult theme. I hope it's not Waterloo Road with an alien of the week thrown in for good luck.
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