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The new horror based on demand video streaming service Shudder went into Beta in the UK today, and I was wondering if anyone is using it, or planning to use it. I've heard so many good things from Americans who have the service, but with Sky having a bit of a monopoly here streaming services always seem a little lacklustre in terms of content in the UK. But there's a really good mix of titles up currently. They have loads of Arrow stuff (some VS stuff too, plenty of Hammer), but lots of really random things, like Funeral Home, The Day After Halloween, The Velvet Vampire and The Legend Of Boggy Creak too.

Sadly they don't seem to have an app for Amazon, or for my Smart TV yet, so I have no way of watching this stuff on my TV. And I don't plan to watch it on my computer. And because of where they're positioned in my house it'd be a pain linking them.

But at 4.99 a month, I'd definitely be up for giving them a chance based on what they've managed to acquire for beta. I assume the content will grow. As they're ran by the IFC Midnight people I was hopeful they'd have more IFC Midnight stuff that hasn't been picked up in the UK yet, but it doesn't appear so.
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