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The Greasy Strangler

What the **** did i just watch??
A twisted depraved, grim and slippery headf*** of the highest order, like John Waters meets Henenlotter, totally random, totally sick with some of the worst fashions ever committed to film.

I thought it was hilarious.

A plot that hardly exists, set around a dysfunctional home with a balding sad loser who lives with his greasy food and disco obsessed dad ( who comes across as a bizarre clone of Peter Stringfellow with a giant cock that always seems to be dangling around and out.)

The son is a bit pathetic and follows his dad round, he doesn't seem to have had much of a life and is quite a sympathetic character at times as he begins to have a relationship with a woman he meets, causing friction in the family home.

The father/son relationship largely consists of insults and calling each other a "bullshit artist".

Also on the loose is the Greasy strangler a guy covered head to toe in grease, who is offing the locals.

That's about it, but the offbeat surreal yet comic nature of the film,the twisted characters and bizarrely good/bad acting all lend it a charm that i found hard to resist and i really enjoyed it.

Hard to recommend due to it being a love/hate type of film, but for me i really enjoyed it. 8/10
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