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Default Doctor Who - Inferno

Doctor Who - Inferno
Im know Who expert,so this is more like the meanderings of idiot than an expert on Dr Who,all relevant information was nicked Guv.

Well I definitely had not watched this story before,so it was a nice coming to a story knowing very little of what it was all about apart from what I had read via the synopsis. Again I will not go into all the whys and where fores of the story or plot,but it has to be said they literally throw everything and the kitchen sink into the plot.I mean we have Unit giving security to a secret project where they are trying to drill into the earth's crust to explore some sort of new energy. We also have some rather suspect green ooze seeping from the equipment which turns anyone who comes into contact with it,into a werewolf like creature. And while the Doctor is fannying about with his Tardis console,he manages to transport to a parallel dimension where things are slightly different.well that's is what you get when you mess about with nuclear power.Did I say I was not going to mention the plot,well obviously I lied didn't I.
The feeling I got with this story was it was slightly bigger than what the budget could deliver,although budgetary restrictions aside it was still very good,mind you I quite like the excuse The Brigadier gave when one of his men asked for more soldiers,I mean at best I counted about six in one shot,not exactly a large contingency of men for what seemed like a quite large area to patrol.What I did enjoy was the location,a good old fashioned industrial estate billing out clouds of god knows what into the atmosphere,and according to the internet the location was filmed at Kingsnorth Industrial Estate in Kent. Jon Pertwee was as usual very good,and a lot more serious in this story,then again the planet is on the verge of exploding so he damn well better take it all seriously. I believe this was Caroline John's last episode,and was certainly better in this than she was in her first episode,especially when in the parallel universe parts she gets to play a baddie of sorts. Olaf Pooley as the head baddie was ok,but to be honest he was more irritating than plain evil and just kept complaining all the time when he wasn't pulling bits of the computer apart.All in all a very interesting story if some what convoluted in parts,it also made for a very believable story apart from the bits about the men changing into primeval creatures,still very good indeed.
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